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CD update

I’m just about finished with the production phase – I know, it’s taking me awhile.  I’m going to do “Just Friends” over, and that’ll finish call 12 tunes.  Here’s some of the tunes (that I can recall off the top of my head:

Willow Weep for Me
I Love You
Blue Monk
Look to the Sky
How Deep is the Ocean
Just Friends
I Can’t Give You Anything But Love

I’m forgetting a few, but you get the idea.
The next step is the mastering phase, then marketing/photography/packaging, etc.  As soon as it’s done, it’ll be up on www.atlantajazzguitar.com


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This weekend at Aomi

Last night, I had LA Tuten handling the low end, and Scott Ulmer on keys.
It was nice having another chord instrument to work with – thanks Scott!
Tonight, I’ll have Jason Passmore on tenor, and just handling the low AND
middle end.  I should get double pay for that :).

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Solo CD progress

I’m working on my 1st solo guitar CD currently.  Right now, I’m experimenting with different mike combos.  I’m going to record acoustically and mike my amp simultaneously and mix the signal.  We’ll see how much the AKG Perception 120 will pickup from the SM57 on the amp in the other room.  I’m going to do about 12 songs, and I hope to have the recording  done over the next week or so.

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Update on Aomi

The Aomi gig has been great so far.  I’ve rotated a number of different combos through there.  Bass/gtr, sax/gtr, bass/sax/gtr.  This weekend, I’ll have bass/guitar/piano on Friday, and guitar/piano/sax on Saturday.
We’re getting a nice response from the wait staff and the patrons. 
I look forward to booking September as well…


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Last minute gig at Aomi in Norcross tonight

You just never know.  I set up a meeting today with the
manager of a new restaurant in Norcross.  It turns out they
asked me to put together a group for tonight.  So..I tried to call my
my trio “team”, but they weren’t available.  Finally, I got Micah Cadwell to come out and do a guitar duo.  It was one of the nicest
gigs I’ve played in a long time.  Everyone was nice, and were really interested in what we were doing.  The crowd was even better –
very attentive, and appreciative of our music.  For a lot of jazz musicians, that element is a precious commodity – that’s just the way it is.  Also, Micah and I hadn’t played a gig together in about a year and a half.  With as much humility as I can muster, I think we were just killin’ tonight.  Good time!  Hopefully, I’ll get the opportunity to rotate a number of different duos and trios through.  That would be great –
Stay tuned..

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A couple of helpful links for jazz musicians…

–  These 2 websites have great information on the most popular jazz standards, and musicians.  You can find musical analysis, as well as a list of definitive recordings to check out.
    – Ralph’s website has a handy reference of standards with a simple framework of
chord changes – no melodies.
      -I think this is one of the better free online ear training websites.  Of course, not just for jazz musicians!  It also has some drills that I haven’t seen anywhere else.
On one of them, a chord will play, and then a note.  You have to guess which scale tone – or non scale tone it is.  Good stuff!

Does anyone else have some cool and useful links that they’d like to contribute?

Peace, Dave

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Things I’ve been working on..

Lately, I’ve been working on playing tunes in all keys.  It’s hard stuff, but it’s paying off.    I’ve also been doing some transcribing of rhythm changes solos, to add to my vocab.  I always learn something great when I transcribe – always.  I can’t recommend it highly enough.  Recently, I transcribed Kenny Burrell’s “Saturday Night Blues”.  


 A great tune to add to  my tune list…  I’ll write more later… Peace!
Oh, also – be sure to check out my other (new) blog: atlantaguitarteacher.wordpress.com .  Thanks!

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Private Party tonight (Sat 8/1)…

Hey everybody –

I’m looking forward to doing a guitar/bass duo gig with LA Tuten tonight at a surprise birthday party.  That should be fun. But then again, any time I’m playing is a good time!  Well, if I can figure out how to post audio, and I remember my recorder, I may post some tunes here :).


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Gigs this week!

Hi everyone – I’m happy to say I have 2 gigs this weekend.
On Saturday, I’m playing solo jazz guitar at Taste restaurant
in Alpharetta – from 7-10 p.  On Sunday, I’m with the trio at
Copeland’s in Buckhead, from 11a-3p.  LA Tuten on bass,
Mike Dana on drums.  Great brunch!  Hope to see you there…

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1st blog!

Hi everybody-
I’m very green when it comes to blogging, so bear with me! My plans are to write about life as a guitar teacher and musician. Hopefully, my insights will be helpful to someone, including myself. 🙂

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